Healthy Place Botanicals™ is home to great tasting botanicals, using the highest quality ingredients, combined with our proprietary blends of potent herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and unique all natural products. Our story began many years ago when our founder, Jerome Hughes, became aware of so many “so called” health products that were filled with questionable ingredients. Some of those ingredients were hidden from the label.

Back in the 90’s, Jerome was a very successful business leader with a company promoting a line of health related products. It was in that company where the man formulating their product line, became aware of this young energetic leader. Over a decade later, the two met at another company where once again, Jerome was the top leader in that company.

When Jerome made the decision, to create his own company, with a number of huge long-term goals, he made a call to Jim Jamerson to see if he would be interested in formulating a targeted line of products for his own company. Jim remembered Jerome well, and was expecting the usual conversation about making products with the lowest cost possible as being more important than quality.

Jim was pleasantly surprised when he heard Jerome’s dedication to the highest quality, all natural ingredients as his priority for his new company. No questionable ingredients that could cause adverse reactions. No artificial ingredients or fillers. Only the best of the best was what Jerome wanted to focus on.

Jim made the decision to come out of retirement and the journey began down a fascinating new path, now known as Healthy Place™ A journey with the potential to positively impact the health and lives of millions of people around the world. A place where good people would become confident, knowing this was their source for the best ingredients, at the best price. A place they could turn to for information, education and support. Their healthy place home...

Jim Jamerson, is third generation, from a dedicated family of world famous product formulators. Jim has over 200 patents to his name. With over 60 years of product formulation, his connections open doors to the finest quality of ingredients, at the best prices. For all of us who understand the confusion of the health industry, Healthy Place™ is becoming an exciting window of opportunity!

Our first product introduced through Healthy Place is our Sharoma Gourmet Coffee™ formulated with all natural coffee beans, from the highest plant varietals, grown in the soil rich mountains of Malaysia. The testimonials have reinforced that we are on the right path. Testimonials not just of weight loss as we’re hearing from people with improved sleep after years of sleep apnea, and diabetics who’s blood sugar levels were over 14% have now dropped below 7%, along with other testimonials that are simply amazing, from just changing our choice of coffee.

Jim and his team have been busy at work with specific products our Founder wanted to create. The first of which is about to be introduced called: which was originally targeted to be an all natural male enhancement product. It turns out this product will have numerous other positive health benefits and not just for men, for women as well and at a fraction of the price, with no adverse reactions in a $3.4 billion dollar market of male enhancement drugs.

People have already been pre-ordering as this all-natural affordable solution is generating excitement prior to even being released into the market.

One of the benefits of may very possibly become an important solution for families dealing with infertility. We’re looking forward to see if Inti-Mate™ becomes that solution, helping those wanting to raise a family, with an all natural solution, and saving them thousands of dollars on what’s currently offered in the market for them.

Our story has just begun and we truly look forward to hearing your story! Our slogan says it all: Delicious solutions to health, wealth & happiness! Welcome to Healthy Place™ Welcome Home…!